Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Character: Summoner


After the ancient town of Elbe was devastated by Lemuria, its survivors vanished without a trace. It was whispered that spirits had swallowed them whole, while others spoke of a mysterious forest where eerie weeping and cries had been heard.

Centuries later, strange people dressed in silk robes and carrying peculiar hooked staves appeared in the north, and claimed land for their own. Seven times they circled the area, walking straight over bush and stream, facing the sun as they chanted in a tongue known only to themselves. Seven times more they returned the way they came, walking away from the sun, their chanting reaching a fevered pitch.

The explosion of light swallowed everything in the forest, and there was abrupt silence as the walkers were engulfed, arms outstretched, by the blinding light they had called. Seconds ticked by, and the light shimmered slowly down. The walkers were gone, and a shining edifice stood there that had not been there before.
The new town of Elbeland had been built. Slowly, the last of these strange people straggled in to make their home there.

They called themselves Summoners, and the travelers from distant towns did not know what to make of them. This tribe of Summoners was cold and aloof, holding itself apart from outsiders. They spoke only to trade and do business, and their eyes spoke of an ancient bitterness long nurtured.
It was another century before the first outsider was allowed to live in Elbeland, and longer still before they were allowed to learn the secret of Summoning.


Summoners are the masters of nature, and can call upon powerful spells to manipulate the forces of the earth and sky. While elves gently entreat the spirits of nature for their gift, Summoners rage in a constant battle with these spirits, forcing them to their will and struggling to maintain dominance over earth-shattering might.
Touched with the dark ability to manipulate the very souls of living creatures, Summoners can leech life from an enemy to recharge themselves, cause them to enter a dream state, or otherwise wreak devastation on them.

Summoner Character Card is needed to create a Summoner. The Card can be purchased at our MU Cash Shop in-game.


Drain Life
Absorbs the target's stamina to recharge your own stamina.

Chain Lightning
Attacks the target enemies by chain lightning. This skill will hit 1 enemy 3 times. If there are 3 enemies the skill will hit each one simultaneously.

Damage Reflection
Puts a damage reflection buff on the Summoner or other players. The amount of damage reflected depends on the Summoner's energy

Puts the enemy to sleep for a short time or until it is attacked.

Lightning Shock
Releases a lightning wave around the Summoner.

Self-buff that makes attack power increase, while the defense rate decreases.


Fire of Samut, attacks enemies by charging into them and self-destructing. Enemies will be wrapped in flame and their stamina will continuously decrease.

Summoned monster Neil, attacks with multiple spikes on the ground.

Ragul pollutes the surrounding area, continually damaging enemies.


Reduces the enemy's attack ability for a short duration.

Reduces the enemy's defense ability for a short duration.

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